Significance Of Swimming As A Form Of Exercise

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Published: 13th December 2010
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In today’s sedentary lifestyle exercise has become an indispensable activity to be included in the day to day routine. Swimming is second to none and instantly tops the list when it comes to comparison of different types of exercises. The simple reason being the positive effect it has on both the mental and physical health.

Swimming helps to acquire and maintain a good and ideal body posture when walking and standing upright. Swimming also helps develop and strengthen muscles. Different forms of swimming styles help develop muscles located at different parts of the body.

Freestyle swimming helps develop mainly the shoulder muscles, and the back muscles. Backstroke swimming helps develop abdominal muscles in addition to the upper body muscles. Breaststroke swimming helps acquire perfect shape of the legs and the chest.

Overall, swimming also helps gain flexibility and cardiovascular health. Other benefits include low impact to the joints of the body unlike any other exercise done on ground. Swimming can also be used to reduce obesity. Experts say that the cardiovascular fitness and endurance can be gained and developed to a very large extent by swimming. Swimming also improves the co-ordination and balance of the body. Another important advantage of swimming is that people of all age groups can benefit from it.

Swimming is the most relaxing form of exercise and provides recreation and fun at the same time. It also provides an opportunity to socialize that contributes to mental health. Swimming also improves one’s attentiveness and concentration. This is because swimming is an exercise that involves breathing control and keeps the swimmer focused on breathing rhythm. Such aspects make swimming benefits comparable to that of meditation.

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