Benefits Of Learning Swimming At Young Age

Published: 14th April 2011
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Swimming has been a recreational and physical activity that humans have been participating in from time immemorial. Often swimming is just being looked upon as a means of human survival from unexpected accidents like drowning. But we are seldom aware that swimming has other far reaching benefits as well. One might wonder what the appropriate age is, to start to learn swimming. Well, there is no specified age to do so, but it is widely agreed that the earlier it is.

There are many reasons to the advice that children ought to learn swimming when young. Primarily, because it will enable them to be familiar with the various water situations and the risks involving in it. With drowning being said to be one of the major killers of children under the age of 18, the necessity of knowing to swim is clear. If a child has had a bitter experience in water like nearly drowning or hurting himself or even watching a friend facing a similar situation, he has a tendency to develop water phobia. Hence it is imperative for the child to know about the dangers involved with water and also be prepared to face such situations.

It is through lots of practice and perseverance that one learns to swim. Fighting against the odds and learning something new in every advancing stage would greatly motivate the child creating in him, self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Learning to swim also helps to develop various other skills .He or she would have first stepped into the pool, totally unaware of what swimming would be like. However, they come with a determination that the goal, i.e. to learn swimming should be attained at any cost. Such situation familiarizes the child with goal setting, motivating them and to focus on the goal and finally achieve it. When the goal is accomplished, it generates self-esteem in the child and helps to develop confidence that will help him take up challenges going further ahead.

Also occasions of learning to swim also becomes a platform where children learn to socialize with other people and not necessarily always with children of the same age group. Thus, they will come to learn how to deal with different people, a skill sure to help them whole life through. Also once he or she learns to swim they get to enjoy the moments of hanging out at the pool with family and friends.

There are also physiological benefits from swimming. Swimming is an effective form of exercise as it is a highly demanding physical activity. And it is very important that a child gets enough exercise during his growing stage and swimming is an excellent option to attain a well-balanced physique. Swimming is proved to be an apt method to build stamina and also ensures us that we develop strong muscles and bones, maintain flexibility, increases blood circulation and prevents being obese as it helps burn energy rapidly. As a result, our children tend to be health conscious at a young age and since continuing to engage in such physical activity would help them lead a healthy life.

Swimming can be a great experience for a child that also helps promote his physiological and psychological well-being.

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